2021 Women’s Technical Skis

2021 Women’s Technical Skis

There are no women’s race skis made for consumers, only unisex skis in shorter lengths. Thus has it ever been so. If you calculated all the varieties of race models already being built at great expense by the brands committed to the category, you’d understand why creating another whole layer of duplication isn’t in the cards.  Plus women who belong on these skis don’t require pandering, as anyone who has ever seen Michaela or Lindsay ski in person can attest.

Since Technical skis are usually direct spin-offs from a race design, little wonder there are so few carving skis being built specifically for women.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that the few sticks being made for this elite female are all excellent.

The 2021 Women’s Technical Field

Sorry, ladies, but a miniscule strand of protein had the nerve to upset my plans for testing 2021 women’s models. Even though this forgotten genre got an infusion of fresh blood this year, we are powerless to report on the details as we simply don’t have enough data to construct a narrative.

About all we can report is that Dynastar’s entry, the Intense 12, has been put out to pasture, but the Atomic Cloud series, Rossi Nova line, Kästle DX73 and Stöckli Laser MX are all still in play. A new entrant from Head, the Power Joy, is in all probability as exquisite as it will be rare.