Realskiers members love the fact that they can consult one-on-one with Jackson.

Here’s what a few Realskiers subscribers have to say about Jackson’s hand-crafted advice.

Dear Jackson, I just listened to John’s interview on Absolutely fabulous. Yes I am a huge fan of both you, but fanboy or not this was stellar. You both are gifted orators. Great to have two masters together.

 Congratulations. Stumpy

Gregory Stump – U.S. Ski Hall of Fame and Maine State Ski Hall of Fame is great advice.  I have been telling readers of my columns for years that having a regular relationship with a ski shop that has a top boot fitter is as critical as having a good mechanic to make sure your car is always ready to go to the mountains.  Keep the good advice coming. Skiers need it.

Dave Irons Ski Columnist, Sun Journal 

Dearest Jackson,

I wait with bated breath every Tuesday for your RealSkiers column and podcast. The writing and narration is intelligent, entertaining and funny. As a life-long skier, two time National Amateur Freestyle Champion, a member of both the Maine State Ski Hall of Fame and the United States Ski Hall of Fame, I feel qualified to extend my highest praise for your work. Thank you and keep doing it. 
You Rock!
Greg Stump – U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame

Dear team,

I recently listened to a Real Skiers podcast featuring Michael Rogan, coach of the PSIA National Alpine Team interviewed by Jackson Hogan, an industry legend, whose encyclopedic knowledge of the ski industry is matched only by his irreverence and found myself reminded of why I think teaching skiing is the best job on the planet! I found it incredibly inspiring to hear a 7 term National Team member talk about why he loves teaching beginners and family privates. He also delivers some sage advice about the kind of attitude that makes for successful instructors and exam candidates.

I wanted to share this with you, as it gave me a needed mid-season pick-me-up. Also, if you are interested in hearing more from Jackson, his website is free for PSIA-AASI members and is full of the industry’s best gear reviews and other insights.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and I will see you on the hill!

Elianne Furtney – Managing Director, Ski & Snowboard Schools Palisades Tahoe

You changed my ski life! I am a sixty-four-year-old skier and I have had trouble my whole life getting a ski boot to fit and be comfortable. I could ski about half a day before the pain in my feet was unbearable. I recently met Jackson Hogen while skiing in Sun Valley and he suggested that my skiing could be better with a properly fitted regular ski boot. I explained to him that I have a very hard-to-fit foot and he took that as a personal challenge and stated that he guaranteed he could fit me in a ski boot that would fit properly and not hurt my feet. Ten days later I was on a plane from Oklahoma to Reno, NV for a boot fitting at Bobos Ski Board and Patio. Jackson examined my feet and could tell that one foot had less range of motion than the other.

This was the result of many sprained ankles playing baseball early in life. I tried on a couple of the wider ski boots and picked the K2 BFC 120 boot. Mr. Jackson then heated the boots to make them wider. He then fit me with Masterfit custom insoles. Mr. Hogen was then joined by Theron Lee and they began by grinding a small part of the boot that was rubbing on my big toe. They then cut some padding out of the tongue that was putting pressure on the top of my foot. After several more adjustments, we finally got down to me asking for a little more room for my big toes. They put some sort of hydraulic tool in my boots and heated the toe.

When it reached the correct temperature, they pushed out a small portion of the toe of the boot and we were done. I skied Mt. Rose the next morning to test the new boots. There was one spot that rubbed, and I met Mr. Jackson that afternoon and he made a small adjustment. I have just returned from a ski trip to Aspen and I skied better than I have in many years. No pain from the boots and control that I didn’t realize was possible. I couldn’t be happier with my new ski boots and how a chance meeting with Mr. Hogen has changed my skiing. I will be making a trip to see Mr. Hogen next winter for some new skis on my way to ski Tahoe. Thanks to Mr. Hogen and Mr. Lee and all the wonderful people at Bobos.

Loyd Tinsley. – Ski Enthusiast – Norman, OK

Jackson, this is EPIC writing; thank you! And thank you for the podcast with Michael Rogan. I loved his candor on his experiences witnessing ski instruction paired with his simple remedies for the benefit of students and instructors. Great work all around!!

Mike Maher – Managing Partner, Maher Engineering Company

My Dear Mr. Hogan,

I am humbly admitting to listening to my first Real Skier podcast.  Until now, I have been podcast-adverse. To me, listening to a podcast is ahead of being waterboarded on my list of “Bad Ways to Spend A Nice Afternoon”. 

However, I saw that today’s podcast was an interview with Michael Patrick Rogan.  Being quite sure that I was not going to have to endure 10 ways to say I’m sorry to my wife… I dove in.  And I have to admit, it was wonderful, enlightening, entertaining and more.  I admire the hell out of Michael, what he does and stands for, and he did not disappoint.  Neither did you, by the way.  My co-workers suspected I was high because they saw me smiling like an idiot at my desk.  Time flew and before I knew it, I was an hour and 20 minutes closer to going home. 

Thank you for providing an enjoyable podcast experience.  I may be back for more.

Keep the faith,

Greg Wozer – LEKI Vice President

Jackson, great piece on “The Returning Skier’s Handbook”.  I teach skiing at Palisades Tahoe and will print this out to give it to clients asking for this type of information.  Keep up the great work!  

Greg Mainis – Palisades Tahoe Ski Instruction

Hello Jackson,

Great article! This article has been long overdue. I hope the retail world will take this wisdom to heart and feet.

Former Salomon Brethren,

Jimmy (Greensprings) Greenwood – member subscriber


Dear Jackson, 

Thank you for a genuine public service on the subject of pay-to-play ski boot reviews. Of course, pay-to-play is not confined to ski boots.  The “8 best skis” are likewise selected from a suspiciously small sampling of brands and models, as evidenced by the fact that everyone is now skiing in the resort on super fat powder skis in hope that rain will follow the plow, so to speak.  I was skiing with a woman recently on hard pack groomers who reported that she was experiencing knee pain.  She is exclusively a piste skier, 5’4″ 130lbs.  She was skiing on 112mm waisted fatties.  From your suggestion, I suggested she start looking at Front side or All Mtn width alternatives. To her credit she demo’d half a dozen 80-90mm width models and the scales fell from her eyes. Think snow.

Mark Gardiner – Founder Go Alpine Chalets & Apartments

Hi Jackson, 

I just wanted to send a quick note of gratitude for the information on A few weeks ago, I pulled the trigger on the Nordica Enforcer 88 because of a demo and the detailed information in your review. What put me over the edge (no pun intended) was the quote from Ed Chauner using an “88” width ski as a patrolman at Snowbird while I ski in New Hampshire aka the Ice Coast.

I demoed too many skis in a variety of widths and materials (metal and non-metal), but your Silver Edition award (in the charging category) for this ski stuck in my mind and confirmed what I was experiencing as I very methodically went through 2-3 weeks of concentrated ski demos. This helped me break through the analysis paralysis.

I now have been on this ski a half dozen days and it has upped my game, yet at the same time is less taxing on a 58-year-old man that is skiing better than ever! Sincerely.

Joel L – member subscriber 

Hello Jackson, I bought the Kastle 83’s and have now skied them for several hours over a couple of days. You called it 100%. Quick, agile, fun, powerful, intuitive, it’s like these skis read my mind. Thanks again, for always being there and never steering me wrong.

I have enjoyed many years of skiing based on your consultations.

Robert Gore – member subscriber

Jackson, congrats on the S-PB!  I always smile when I look at my phone and see that another one of your revelations has dropped. Who knew that you were a gifted writer in addition to your obvious talents as boot fitter!  I just wanted to drop you a note to say that the time spent having you fit my boots at Bobo’s last year was one of my best ski investments ever. The new boots along with the Volkl Deacon 84s you recommended are killer. Keep up the great work.  My daughter also loves the boots and skis that you recommended for her. With your excellent boot fitting, her complaints about cold feet have come to an end. Best regards,

Chatley G – member subscriber

A tear almost creeped out of an eye as I have never heard kinder words. Thank you, Jackson, for the endorsement and your details about mogul skiing and mogul skis are valuable and right on… brother!

John Clendenin – Master Ski Instructor and Founder of 

America’s best-known ski hardware writer, editor and consultant… over many decades! 

WTF SKI CLUB, Facebook 

Really, really, have enjoyed REAL skiers and you’re work in the Land O’ Skiers, for all these years…. thanks for your contribution to the sport in general, your readers in particular, and more importantly, to the real culture of skiing. You got to play and work with the balance between engineering, play, and art. A trifecta of fun. Cheers.

JSD – member subscriber

If you need a soft boot so you can move to find a balanced stance many are going about it the wrong way. Thank you for pointing out, “How to” find/know your balanced stance and build a strong energy/info transmitter around your feet.  

Well said Mr. Jackson Hogen!!!

Michael Rogan, US Olympic Ski Team Coach

Hi Jackson, 

Really impressed w/ the depth & breadth of your reviews.  I am close to pulling the trigger on the Enforcer 88’s based on testing them on my home mountain (Cannon in NH) & your wonderful review… impressed it got a Silver, another checkmark since I am 57. 

Once again, thank you and your staff for all the wonderful work on

Joel W – member subscriber


Thank you for thoughtful, detailed and extremely informative reply and for preventing me from continuing to waste my time, money, and for providing the insight as to how to proceed in the future.  While I get great pleasure from reading your reviews and revelations, the ability to access your knowledge on a one-to-one basis is invaluable.  It is worth multiples of the cost of membership.  

Once again, my thanks and appreciation.

Alan Brackup – member subscriber

Thank you for your very insightful and complete response.  It was fun for me to read.  I even read it to my non-skiing wife. 

I will continue to be please and on a rare occasion euphoric just to be on the mountain in relative comfort.

I love your articles.  I read and have been guided by your ski reviews. 

Dave Weaver – CEO and Founder of Weaver and Company

I just, belatedly, listened to “It’s about nothing” podcast. The title belies the message: the compass of a life well lived. The value of skiing is not seeing who gets down first, but who reaches the end of the trail with senses convinced that mountain is speaking to their heart. Well done Jackson!

With highest regards,

Henry T. – member subscriber

Hi Jackson, great pod cast on demoing skis. I’m having a really large-scale problem with demoing skis and finding the dammed ski I want to try. Shops here in the front range have followed the pied piper down the path of banana shaped 90 mm wide +++ skis and what I want to try isn’t in the building. Now I’ve been at this for a while and was even in “our” industry for a couple of decades before aerospace and academia actually allowed me to plan for a retirement… which I’m now enjoying.  For data I’m a “old-dogger” 50 years ago I was one of the first freestyle coaches hired at Winter Park by Bill Eisenhardt. I helped RB Lange with the RBL ski, skied for Burns, my favorite skis of the 90s and 2000(s) were (in no order) Dynastar Vertical Assault, Salomon S9 3S, K2 Winter Heat original and later replaced with the Mosely and 715.

Thank you for your work, humor, and dedication to our sport.

Rick Glesner – member subscriber

Thank you, Jackson to the wonderful work you and your team does for gear heads like me. I agree that the narrative is far more valuable than numbers particularly when the scores are close. Your articulate reviews really capture the essence of the ski and many times matches how the ski performs when I demo the model in a specific length. Your service is the one for me and superior to others. I love the ABB boot access as well, clearly it is all about the boot/fit. 

I look forward to the ‘20-‘21 reviews as it appears to be a big change over year in skis.  


Joel Israel – member subscriber

Great site! Anyone who doesn’t think this is worth twenty bucks is making a mistake. You changed my ski life!

Geoff R. – member subscriber


Thank you for all you do. Your reviews are differentiated and deeply trusted for their honesty & perspective. They’ve been the foundation of some of the better gear decisions I’ve made. 

And thank you for helping to get Greg Stump in the Hall of Fame. His films played a uniquely impactful role in my ski journey. Growing up in New England, my winter sports loyalties were split between ice hockey and skiing. His films reminded me that while I loved hockey, it was skiing that brought me joy. Because of him, I always looked forward to breaks in the schedule. And when I was finally old enough to choose where I could live, it’s because of the impression that License to Thrill made that I had to be near Palisades Tahoe. And it was Blizzard that drove me to get to Chamonix and ski some of the same lines of Scot, Plake, and all. As someone who loved and is still inspired by his films, thank you.

-Kent G. – Cornell University