Just to be clear, I haven’t tried every photochromic lens on the U.S. market, so I can’t say with 100% certainty that Revo’s version is the best extant, but it’s certainly the fastest changing, clearest light-sensitive lens I’ve ever experienced.

Also in the full-disclosure department, I should point out that my eyes are a hot mess. I’ve had a torn retina, a detached retina, cataracts and botched LASIK surgery, and I still require some correction that I don’t get in a goggle. Point being, I need all the help I can get. Revo’s stock  Blue Water Supernova+ Photochromic lens feels like my view of the world is a little sharper, as if it were made in my prescription.  Skiing from bright sun into shadow is a revelation; the lens’s ability to adapt to changing light on the fly is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.

If you know you’re going to be in a light-deficient environment, the Bode Miller model I tried comes with a yellow lens that’s a life saver in a white-out. The yellow lens provides contrast in low light that the clear photochromic lens cannot replicate, but this circumstance aside, the photochromic lens can handle whatever conditions you encounter. If you do have to switch lenses, the magnetic connection between lens and frame is so immaculate you can change lenses with mittens on.

My eyes are also baby-blue, so they aren’t fans of high-altitude glare; with the Revos on my face, I don’t have to squint when I’m above tree-line, another bonus. Considering all the properties you want in a goggle – anti-fog and scratch resistance among them – these Revos deliver best-in-class performance.