It wasn’t so very long ago that options for fat, wide feet were few and far between. Now every brand makes at least one series of boots built on a wide last, and myriad medium and wide shells can also be heat-molded to conform to almost any foot shape. While most wide boots are still aimed at recreational skiers of modest ambitions, there are also more options than ever for more skilled skiers with prodigious pedal extremities.

The boot models referenced here aren’t single iterations; each represents a series of models covering a full range of flexes and associated price points.


Atomic Hawx Magna The Magna models start out huge (yet supportive) and can be made much roomier wherever needed via a fast heat-molding session.

Tecnica Mach 1 HV The Mach 1 HV is a high performance boot in a fat suit. One of the best skiing high-volume boots available.

Lange LX The Lange name is synonymous with uncompromising performance. Not trying to be the biggest bucket in the group, it’s meant for an advanced skier.

Salomon X/Pro Out of the box, the S/Pro is a medium, but Salomon’s slick, 2-minute molding process can create room for almost any hoof.

Head Edge LYT Cool features include a superlight, Graphene-infused shell that can be heat molded, as well as a liner with a nifty – and unique – retro-fit capability.


Rossignol Allspeed Rossi’s boot line gets more budget-friendly as it grows in width, making the Allspeed a bargain for big feet. Extra toe room a bonus.

Nordica Sportmachine Nordica’s performance line of high-volume boots. Both liner and shell are eminently adaptable, but fit so well they may not need to be.

Dalbello DS MX Dalbello is best known for its 3-piece shells, but the DS MX is a fine 4-buckle alternative with a moldable shell and liner. Available with GripWalk.

Tecnica Mach Sport HV The Mach Sport chassis comes in all widths, as it targets all recreational skiers. The “HV” – High Volume – models are hefty size.

Nordica Cruise Nordica has a long history of catering to wide feet attached to occasional skiers. The Cruise specializes in coddling plus-sized paddle-feet.

Rossignol Speed The Rossi Speed, O, rich with irony, is meant for those who mosey. It’s an economy class wide-body, with extra toe room.

K2 B.F.C K2 unabashedly built the B.F.C. for comfort, not for speed. You could put it on blindfolded, a neat trick for a ski boot. Available with GripWalk soles.

Full Tilt Descendant Fat feet attached to park rats – a sobriquet drenched in deep respect – and others addicted to Full Tilt’s 3-piece shells, will feel at home in a Descendant, available with a hike mode as the Ascendant. Clever lads.