Specialty ski shops are part of the connective tissue of our sport. More than just a commercial nexus, specialty shops provide vital educational and social services for the skier community.  They hold the keys to every skier’s skills development, for specialty retailers are where you’ll find the best bootfitters. Without the services of a well-trained bootfitter, attaining high-level technical proficiency is difficult, if not impossible.

The specialty shops listed here have all contributed their time and resources to assist Realskiers.com in its mission to serve the skiing public. They are among the best shops in America because they consistently strive to deliver state-of-the-art products and services to their customers.

Aside from their uniformly high service level, these Realskiers Test Centers share another critical attribute: they are family-centric and family owned. As has proven to be the case in ski area management, the gulf between hands-on, family ownership and corporate ownership is a bottomless chasm.

You, the consumer, have the power. You have total discretion over where you invest your recreational dollar. At some point, you’re going to need new gear and the services that come with it. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of patronizing shops that are either on this list or belong on it. Your support doesn’t automatically make you a better person (although it might), but it might very well make you a better skier.

Footloose Sports

The Sport Loft


Viking Ski Shop

Start Haus




Granite Chief

Peter Glenn

Sturtevant’s of Sun Valley

Boot Doctors


Pierce Skate and Ski

Alta Ski Shop

The City Garage

Sun and Snow

Aspen Ski and Board

Powder House