An examination of the current women’s ski market – as outlined in a two-part article on – reveals that the most highly adapted made-for-women models reside in a category that’s all but invisible in the U.S. The Technical genre comprises the narrowest non-race skis that are intended for carving continuous arcs on groomers. Because this describes how and where a majority of Europeans prefer to ski, Technical women’s skis are popular across the pond.

The reason they’re MIA in the U.S.A. is the advanced to expert woman in America finds the adventure of off-trail skiing far more alluring than the prospect of endless carving, so when she’s ready to step up to better quality of ski it tends to be a wider, all-mountain model.

And so the models that brands invest the most in testing and modifying to optimize their suitability for women gather dust in a corner of the women’s ski rack, if they make it that far. Here are ten of the best women’s skis you’ll have a hard time finding in America (alphabetized by brand).

  • Atomic Cloud 12
  • Dynastar Intense 12
  • Elan Speed Magic
  • Fischer My Curv Allride
  • K2 Anthem 72 Ti HS
  • Kästle DX73 W
  • Nordica Sentra SL7 Ti FDT
  • Rossignol Nova 14 Ti
  • Salomon S/Max W Blast
  • Völkl Flair SC Carbon

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