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skier: Claire Brown | photo: Frank Shine | location: Aspen/Snowmass

Revelations from the Pontiff of Powder

The Editor of, Jackson Hogen, writes a free weekly newsletter that illuminates some corner of the ski world. Topics range from how to buy, bootfitting advice, market analysis, injury dynamics, instructional tips and the spiritual side of our sport. To see a sample Revelation culled from our archives, click here, or read the latest pontification posted below.

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Great site! Anyone who doesn’t think this is worth twenty bucks is making a mistake. You changed my ski life!

– Geoff R.


photo by: Brian Robb

Your Man on the Inside

We hesitate to list all of Jackson’s accomplishments, not out of coy modesty, but for lack of room. Let’s just say, Jackson has played more roles in the ski trade than Eskimos have words for snow.

If you really want to slog through the resume of a career that has touched every corner of the ski equipment market, check out his bio.

Lovely Things Readers Say

The recommendations for skis, along with Harald’s ideas have improved my skiing beyond a level I ever thought was possible.

Ray T – Former PSIA instructor

I’m a woman, life-long skier and racer and have lived most of my years at 6000′. Yours is the ONLY site I’ve ever read that tells it like it really is, no BS, no marketing hype or fluff! Thanks for keeping it real and for the well-written articles.

Carol R

Just a quick note of thanks. I bought Head Rallys at the end of last season on your recommendation. Clicked into them this year and within 100 feet I knew I was skiing on the best ski I’ve ever owned. So sweet.

Todd H.

Wow, I am impressed. You are a professor of skiing!

Andy F.

You have done a masterful job of creating a logical approach to how to buy a ski that truly fits you.

Michael H.

By pure luck I discovered the site a year ago and immediately became a member. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned from the information you provide. You do a fabulous job with the site and the Newsletter will enhance it.

Roberto P.

Great site! Anyone who doesn’t think this is worth twenty bucks is making a mistake. You changed my ski life.

Geoff R.

Just a short note to tell you how “grateful” I am to visit an intelligent site, full of insight, wisdom, great deal of wit on skiing. Great honesty, well presented and too old to care about how companies will react.


What We Learned This Year

What we learned this year is the fragility of everything we thought of as permanent. But that’s a topic for a future Revelation, when we all have more perspective than is possible during a humanity-wide crisis. Going into this season, our concerns were less existential. Just in case you care
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