No doubt K2 is tired of hearing about the success of the Blizzard Black Pearl. Just who was it that practically invented the women’s ski? Who for 20 years has insinuated women into its prototype-testing loop? Who made made-for-women skis a viable genre in the first place! (Sorry, we’re a little verklemmt.)

You know who. K2 is out to retake the high ground in the Frontside women’s market, from the first price point to the top. From the pavement to the pinnacle (a K2 key word), K2 has a women’s model at every C-note stop from $399 to $899. From First Luv, past Secret Luv, via True Luv, onto Endless Luv, veering into Tough Luv (a Realskiers fave Luv) hence into the Technical territory of the Luv Machine 72Ti, K2 demonstrates its undying affection for the women who collectively embody the full spectrum of female aspirations on the frontside of the mountain.

Please consider this bouquet of floral prose a token of my esteem.

One notable upgrade that crosses the gender divide is the addition of an all-wood core to the Pinnacle 88 Ti and its sister ski, the Alluvit 88 Ti. The All-Mountain East genre is far and away the most significant genre in the American women’s market (witness the over-the-rainbow success of the Black Pearl 88), and its importance is almost as pivotal in the men’s department. It’s the appropriate place to switch from Nanolite to no Nano at all.