There aren’t many skiers who should be allowed to procure an MX99. On the feet of an intermediate, it would be like arming a baby with a loaded bazooka. Outraged citizens might well require certification before equipping the average citizen with so much power.

Do I over-state the case against the MX99 in order to exalt it? Of course.

Am I trying to rouse public acclaim and apprehension at the same time? Let the people decide.

Do I believe true experts – dare I say, real skiers? – will fall for its charms hook, line and sinker?

Yes. Yes, I do.

Face it. You’ll probably never get a chance to ski the new MX99, except in your dreams. There you’ll discover MX is short for MaX, as in max-speed, max-stability, max-out the fun meter. If you know how to load a ski, saddle up.

Everything else that matters remains the same as last year. Did I mention the MX99?