Liberty doesn’t roll over its model line on a fixed schedule, instead instituting changes whenever inspiration strikes. Hence models like its top-selling Origin 96 may undergo several design refinements without earning the sobriquet of “new model.” When Liberty does have something utterly new, it prefers to launch its innovations mid-season so its target skiers don’t have to wait another winter to try them.

The 2019 collection consists of the Origin and Genesis models for Freeride men and women, respectively, which return with less tip rocker; the V80W and V87 W reprise their roles for women who spend more time on trail; and the new V Series for men who split their time between on trail and off. The V Series signature tech is the descriptively named Vertical Metal Technology, which uses minimal amounts of aluminum to maintain Liberty’s foundational light weight while magnifying snow contact throughout the recreational speed range.

There’s also a new Helix 98, Liberty’s contribution to the world of twin tips for the Pipe & Park community. In all, Liberty’s 2019 collection is clean, uncluttered and yet loaded with models that match their target skiers to a tee.