Fishermen love to spin yarns about the one that got away, which is how I’ve come to think of the Pescado, Eric Pollard’s fish-decorated, double-fin-tailed, whale-sized Powder model. I’ve been pining to hook up a pair for two seasons, but somehow I’ve never been able to boat one. Now I can add the new Sakana to the list of skis I’m pissed I missed. The Sakana (105mm waist) is shapelier than the Pescado but retains its signature forked tail and fish scale motif.

The Chronic has been a go-to Line model for everyday shenanigans whether in the park or out of bounds. It has a symmetrical flex pattern, early-rise tip and tail and a relatively high camber line. Line ran it through the makeover machine for 2019, giving it a slightly wider footprint and adding a little more sidecut, making the Chronic a better all-condition tool than ever.

Line’s expertise has always leaned to the light, so its comfort-zone design is a natural fit with the preferences of the women’s market. In 2019 Line presents 3 new Pandoras, all with an off-piste point of view. The Pandora 104 and 94 employ the same Magic Finger™ carbon filaments Line engaged to rejuvenate the Sick Day series last season. As is the case with most of Line’s line, while the accent falls squarely on rebellious youth, the reality is their parents are at the same party and digging every minute of it.