Any doubt that C/FX3 would be Salomon’s foundational technology for years to come has been eradicated with the 2019 collection. Crosshatching the original longitudinal, carbon-and-flax fibers supercharges edge grip and stability to such a degree that skis can be made lighter and stronger at the same time. Except for the lowest price-point models, C/FX3 permeates all the new models in the QST, XDR, QST Women’s and Aira series.

Continuing a tradition we’d prefer to discontinue, we didn’t cull enough women’s test cards to concoct reviews on most of Salomon’s women’s models. We’ll keep swinging at this piñata until we hit it.

There’s little doubt that the QST series is Salomon’s star product segment. The QST’s blend of ease and power fits the requirements of a great many big mountain skiers. The XDR’s have their place as Finesse Frontside skis and Salomon’s women-specific system skis have always been good. The most overlooked models in the 2019 Salomon fold are its Technical skis, the S/Max Blast and S/Max W Blast. That’s what happens when everyone can’t wait to try your new off-trail skis; the Technical models get the short end of the stick.