How do you un-rocker a rockered baseline?

Stöckli has always maintained an arms-length enthusiasm for rocker, and probably wish the whole idea had never been born. For 2019, it’s modifying the tip shape and baseline on the Laser SX and Laser AX – perennial Realskiers’ tester favorites – to effectively nullify any negative effects of the already minimal tip rocker on these Frontside powerhouses. Full Edge Contact (FEC) refers to a slight widening behind the shovel that creates early edge connection as soon as the ski is tipped. The increase in effective edge Stöckli refers to as Adaptive Contact Length (ACL), which effectively re-integrates the early rise tip with the rest of the ski, as if it were never rockered at all.

Also new to the Laser X models is a nubby, Turtle Grip topskin that’s more durable than an untextured surface. Among the Stormrider family, which underwent a major makeover just last year to thin its Titanal laminates, the 88 receives a new, damper sidewall material and the Motion 85 women’s ski comes in a more appropriate size run that includes 154cm and 161cm sizes.