While almost all of Dynastar’s collection returned intact, the one notable exception is right on top of a current trend. It’s the Speed Zone 4X4 82 Pro, part of an expanding number of 82mm-waisted models that aren’t your typical Frontside skis with an obsession for dual-track carving but all-mountain models in a narrower footprint. Note that the 4×4 82 Pro is an extension of the Speed Zone line of Race and Technical skis, not another Cham, so it has real chops on hard snow. The 4×4 in its name is no idle boast: this ski can handle itself off-trail just fine. It could prove to be the most popular new Dynastar since the Cham 97.

To reiterate a point made in this space last season, Dynastar doesn’t differentiate the construction of the Legend X and Legend W series, meaning the girls get the same ski as the boys. As is often the case in non-metal constructions, the women’s models score better for power properties than the men’s versions, perhaps because the flex is more perfectly pitched to their proportions.