The Konic construction introduced in 2015 drank a little too much of the LIB Kool Aid. Like a crash dieter, the K2 line lost too much weight too fast. This year K2 error corrects, changing the Konic formula to add more mass and improve snow connection.

The Konic series of Frontside skis are new in all respects. The sidecuts are new, with no tip taper to delay contact. Also gone is any trace of foam: the center of the core is Paulownia, with heavier aspen and fir over the edge. The top 3 models incorporate a shock-absorbing carbon spine to reinforce the skis’ overall ability to hold onto planet earth, both edge to edge and tip to tail.

The vector models in the Pinnacle series, the 95 and 105, followed the same weight-gain regimen: add 20% more mass over the edge, reduce the amplitude of the rocker, boost the camber zone and voilà, more muscular skis better able to stay on the snow, be it hard or soft. Also new are the Pinnacle 85 and ThrilLUVit 85 for women, off-trail training wheels intended to retail at $399.