When Nordica launched the Enforcer, back before it needed the suffix “100” to differentiate it from its offspring, it was a tipping point for the brand. In 2018, Nordica completes the Enforcer family. The new Enforcer 110 combines the vibration-sucking power of Titanium with the Enforcer 100’s manageable turn radius without weighing a gram more than the redoubtable Patron, an all-glass Big Mountain model that was one of the best skis this genre has ever produced. The Enforcer 110 shot to the top of our Finesse Favorites, yet it has all the power any expert might require. The Enforcer Pro takes the power quotient up a notch, with a stiffer flex pattern, longer sidecut radius and 115mm waistline. Let’s just say it doesn’t take the term “Pro” lightly.

Nordica has always taken the women’s ski project seriously. Its 2018 women’s line presents, if you’ll pardon the expression, the most masculine, muscular collection of skis specially made for women since Völkl rolled out the Kenja, Aura and Kiku. Take the all-new Santa Anas, in 93, 100 and 110 waist widths. They use carbon in lieu of glass to save mass, then load up on Titanium laminates, so strong women skiers won’t have to back off the gas when pummeling off-piste terrain.

The same judicious use of metal and balsa makes Nordica’s Sentra and Astral model families deserving of the affections of athletic women. The Sentra SL 7 Ti EVO is probably the most powerful women’s carving model Nordica has ever made, and the Titanium Hex Bridge on all the new Astrals ought to make them among the best performing Frontside skis on the market.

The men’s version of the Astrals are called Navigators, in 90mm, 85mm and 80mm waist widths. The Navigators blend the off-trail tip geometry of an Enforcer with the square tail of a Dobermann race ski to create skis that are equally comfortable in both hard and soft snow domains. The Navigator family hits three different price points at $100 intervals, yet all retain the same basic construction, including a Titanium laminate. Guess what? The Navigator 80 skis brilliantly, and at only $399 at most shops is the best deal in the alpine ski market in 2018.