If the Women’s Technical category were a figure from Greek mythology, she would be blessed by the gods to be the ideal embodiment of a women’s ski, but forced to wander the universe forever in search of someone to ski her.

Here’s the situation: since there are no made-for-women race skis, the very best women-specific modifications can be found here, in the Women’s Technical field. The reason so very few American women buy them is because as soon as their skill set allows, they head off-trail. While practically all American women begin their ski lives on a Frontside ski, they tend to graduate to an All-Mountain East model that’s better suited to mixed conditions. Once this choice is made, very few women choose to go narrower, even as their skills improve.

Because shops stock so few Women’s Technical skis, they’re very difficult to track down and test in a normal season. During a pandemic, forget about it. So, the following thumbnail reviews aren’t fortified with any data nor leavened with any female tester testimonials. They are provided here in alphabetical order by brand so interested parties at least have a chance to see what’s available.  Whatever stock there is in the U.S. will be limited, so if you’re interested in stepping up your game on groomers, act early.