Skiers who put their faith in our Finesse favorites should include those who are willing to step up to a wider ski as long as it’s still forgiving and easy to maneuver at less than warp speed. A Finesse skier uses gravity to the max and seeks to keep his or her own exertions to a minimum, so their skis need to bow readily with less energy flowing through them. Achieving docility in second gear often comes with a diminished capacity for stability at speed, but our Finesse favorites can cut brittle snowpack while staying smooth throughout the speed range. And powder up to knee deep is no problem at all.

Beginning last season, Realskiers is recognizing skis we feel are particularly well adapted for senior skiers. The Silver Skier Selections will usually be found among our Finesse winners, as one of the principal characteristics of a Finesse model is ease of operation. We’re confident this year’s recipients of a Silver Skier Selection award will serve the senior set with grace and artistry.