The place to look for a Frontside Finesse ski isn’t at the top of the model family, which is almost always occupied by a Power ski, but in the second or third product slot/price point. That’s where last season we stumbled on the Navigator 80, a terrific ski that bows easily and sells for only $399. Alas, we have no new data to support a formal recommendation, so consider this an off-the-record salute to a fine ski and even better value.

As for the skis that made the 2019 Finesse roster, two of the four – the Nordica GT 84 Ti and Elan Amphibio 84 XTI, actually had higher Power scores but are referenced here because they have the effortless quality that is the hallmark of a Finesse ski. The only new model in the mix is the Liberty V76, a honey of a ride that’s so versatile it defies easy categorization.