Women who don’t attack every run like it was The Charge of the Light Brigade want a ski that will navigate through off-trail conditions at a trot instead of a gallop. For these more leisurely lasses, we recommend the easy-going charms of our Finesse Favorites. Lighter weight women who have a tough time tilting a Big Mountain model should consider one of these narrower All-Mountain West models as a second pair specifically for powder.

Mere words cannot convey our dismay at not providing a more thorough representation of the best Finesse skis in this important genre. It’s imprudent to speculate about what might have been, but it’s easy to imagine the Dynastar Legend W 96, Salomon Lumen 99, Rossi Sky 7 HD W, Fischer My Ranger 98 Head Great Joy and Völkl 90 Eight W filling out this roster. Perhaps next season it will snow before the scheduled trade fairs and not storm with Old Testament intensity during them.