The preeminence of the Women’s All-Mountain East category is unassailable. Out of field of 22 skis on which we received data, 10 are new or substantially revived, and that doesn’t include an entry from a brand new to our reviews, Liberty’s Genesis 90, and the category star, Blizzard’s returning Black Pearl 88. The Pearl has earned a place in U.S. market history by being not just the number one selling women’s ski in America, but by being the overall sales leader, period. Certainly part of the impetus driving the influx of new models is that the Pearl’s success proves this is where the money is.

The Pearl 88’s huge success is but the leading example of what makes this category the go-to genre for women. In fact, the category is loaded with talent. Among returning models, the Elan Ripstick 86 W and Nordica Santa Ana are contenders to the Pearl’s throne, and newcomers Völkl Secret and Blizzard Sheeva 9 are sure to attract a passionate following. In all, our panel picked 16 models to Recommend, far and away the largest population of excellent skis in any one genre.