The women’s Big Mountain field is inextricably entwined with its unisex cousins, as this infinitesimal slice of the market doesn’t consume enough units to merit women-specific spin-offs. Fortunately for all concerned, men’s Big Mountain skis have already been put on a carbon-rich diet, the same regimen required to create a women’s ski. What’s good for the goose has already been built for the gander.

Last season we bemoaned the absence of test card data on women’s Big Mountain skis and, sad to say, nothing has happened since to change our tune. We still didn’t get enough data to post so much as a wild conjecture about skis we strongly suspect are quite good, such as the Nordica Santa Ana 110 and Völkl 100 Eight. Even the four skis that had more than single-card support didn’t reap enough results to rate them. So, as has been the case in the recent past, we don’t post any test scores or Power/Finesse ratings for this genre on either our public or members’ site.