As I was sorting the Powder skis I’d essayed at Snow Basin and Mammoth into Finesse and Power piles, three models emerged that resisted categorization. To pigeonhole them as Power skis would obscure their exceptional willingness to operate from any stance and remain tractable at any speed. They can even hold a continuous edge on hard snow without trembling, although why anyone would want to escort them around groomed runs I can’t imagine.

Each is a riot in powder and unfazed by crud in all its incarnations. Although they prefer to be submerged in pow, they share a talent for holding their line even if all they can manage to stick in the snow is a tendril of edge. Too easy to ski to be considered Power models but with high end performance that will have experts grinning ear to ear, these are the Naturals, skis that will feel totally intuitive for a wide swath of advanced and expert skiers.