Laser MX

Stöckli never stops tinkering with its skis, so the Laser MX of two years ago and the Laser MX of today aren’t exactly the same ski. My favorite improvement since its debut is the integration of Turtle Shell technology, that allows the top Titanal laminate is able to soften or stiffen according to how forcefully it’s pressured, so the Laser MX can auto-adapt to the skier’s aggression level.

The Laser MX loves to execute a tight turn radius, no matter how gently or aggressively it’s decambered. Sized judiciously, the Laser MX can happily accommodate any female skier from advanced intermediate to legitimate expert.

Laser SX

When Stöckli added its astounding Turtle Shell Racing to the Laser SX a few seasons ago, it opened up the bottom end of its performance range, so skiers whose skills are a quart low can experience its sublime edge hold. Thankfully, Turtle Shell technology didn’t compromise the Laser SX’s stellar performance in the red zone of the recreational speed range. When jabbed with a sudden jolt of energy, it responds with more automatic elevation than a trampoline. That’s a rare commodity in a category that prizes continuous snow connection.

Thanks to Turtle Shell tech, it’s possible to tootle along on the Laser SX and never realize the core is loaded with dynamite. If all you want to do is cruise at a trotter’s clip, there are many skis that will float your boat. No Laser SX should be forced to spend its life in the slow lane. When speed and pressure are brought to bear, no other Technical ski is as quick on and off the edge as the Laser SX.

Stöckli Brand Profile

Stöckli Brand Profile

Overview Our spider sense tingles when we hear the term “handmade” applied to skis, as the implication is that such slats will receive extraordinary care in manufacture no mass-produced ski can hope to receive.  One reason we look sideways at the “handmade” qualifier...