Nova 14 Ti

While the Nova 14 Ti bears more than a passing resemblance to the unisex React R10 Ti, it’s not a clone in women’s colors. It has its own version of Rossi’ signature Line Control Technology (LCT), called LCT Soft, plus Carbon Alloy Matrix, which adds oodles of damping with very little mass, along with Titanal laminates for extra power and control.

Rossignol is the only brand I can think of that draws attention to how each model reacts to pressure. A stiffer flex that transfers the skier’s energy along a cambered baseline is called “Boost Flex,” indicating that it stores enough energy to hoist the skier across the fall line. What a great way to encapsulate the behavior of a ski like the Nova 14 Ti.

2022 Rossignol Boot Brand Profile

2022 Rossignol Boot Brand Profile         With the arrival two years ago of the Alltrack Elite LT and Pro LT – for Lightweight Touring – Rossi complemented its Speed (standard 2-piece shells) and Track (similar shells, but with a hike mode)...

Experience 82 Ti W

Rossignol has completely overhauled its keystone Experience series, re-defining its target customers as recreational skiers who want to take in the entire resort experience, of which skiing is but a part. They’ll spend most of the day on groomed slopes, but want a ski that will allow them to travel off to the side of the trail should conditions be favorable. They expect quality and performance, but they’re not looking to stretch the performance envelope as much as stay comfortably inside it. It’s unisex counterpart, the Experience 82 Ti, is the highest rated Finesse ski in the Frontside genre, a strong indication the women’s version will exude the same properties.

Experience W 86 Basalt

The Experience W 86 Basalt from Rossignol is part of a tiny minority of Women’s All-Mountain East models that headlines a mostly Frontside collection. Rossi has completely re-imagined its Experience series, long the mainstay of its core recreational models, to fit what it perceives as a new skier type, the “All-Resort” skier. Skiing is still an important part of the overall resort experience, but it’s not the whole ball of wax for this resort visitor.  While this person is an avid skier, she’s not going to go wandering out of bounds intentionally and whatever powder she essays will be on the side of the trail.  She’ll find something else to do when the weather is lousy, and she’s not going to push too hard on the performance envelope.

Blackops Rallybird Ti

It wasn’t so very long ago that the Rossignol Soul 7 HD W all but owned this category.  All performance aspects considered, the Blackops Rallybird Ti that succeeded it in the line last year is a very different ski, and a better one.

Rossi packed a lot of technology into the Blackops Rallybird Ti, which is the main reason it holds so well on hardpack, a condition it wasn’t really made for.  The biggest differences between the two generations of Rossi’s are in baseline and construction, with the Rallybird Ti possessing a more continuous snow connection and a damper ride able to suck up the vibrations that come with higher speeds.