Power: A+
Finesse: A+
15.7m @ 172cm

Elan Amphibio Black

The Amphibio Black Edition seems to operate on its own volition. It’s like owing a pair of animated skis that previously belonged to Roger Rabbit. Step in and you’re off on a Disney-quality ride: exciting but never scary. That’s because it’s as smooth and languid as a Southern drawl. Even when it’s whipping around a corner, it doesn’t act hurried or nervous. If you’ve ever driven a ritzy sedan, you know how 85mph feels like 60; on the Amphibio Black, 40mph feels like 20. The added ingredient that distinguishes the Amphibio Black from its template, the Amphibio 16 TI2, is a top sheet of carbon that seems to smother whatever threatens to disturb its Buddha-like tranquility.

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