2018 Atomic Redster G9

Ski Stats

Sidecut 110/68/96.5
Radius 18.4m @ 177cm
Lengths 165,171,177,183
Weight 2227g @ 177cm
MSRP $1200
Power Score: 8.69
Finese Score: 7.66
The speeds this ski is ready to assume demand precision; events come at you quickly once you exceed 50mph. The relationship between ski and skier was like that between maestro and musician; when we work together, the music we make would make angels lay down their lyres to listen. Which of us was in charge didn’t seem to matter in the moment, as long as the notes we strung together formed a lilting melody. If you’re a former racer, you won’t need any introduction to the Redster G9. It will feel like what you used to race on, only smoother, less perturbed by rutted terrain and quicker on and off the edge when faster reactions are called for. If you’ve always loved the feel of a GS race ski, you’ll be head-over-heels over the G9.

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