2017 Black Crows Atris

Ski Stats

Sidecut 138/108/128
Radius 18m @ 184cm
Lengths 178,184,190
Weight 2050g @ 184cm
MSRP $769.95
Power Score: 8.36

Finesse Score: 8.57

If you’re an Old School powder skier who pushes off his tails at the bottom of the turn, the Black Crows Atris is going to feel like home. Of course its double rockered baseline – “double beaked” in Crow-speak - can smear a turn to correct line or shed speed, but the Atris is essentially a directional ski that surfs as a hobby. There’s a trick to skiing crud: it’s called, “speed.” A powder ski that wilts under pressure discourages the requisite acceleration. The extra support the Atris delivers derives from its classic, cambered baseline underfoot and a tail meant for driving forward, not swiveling sideward. The Atris is a cool combination of youthful, Big Mountain attitude paired with the calm, focused aggression of the experienced pilot.

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