2024 Atomic Bent 100

Ski Stats

Sidecut 129.5/100/120
Radius 19.5m @ 180cm
Lengths 164,172,180,188
Weight 1700g @ 180cm
MSRP $800
Power Score: 8.21

Finesse Score: 8.49

To give you an idea of what a steal the Bent Chetler 100 was when it was introduced five years ago, Atomic understandably raised its retail price by $100 a year later, and it was still the best value in the category. But the Bent 100 is more than just a good deal; it’s a wonderfully versatile ski that’s as easy to ski in off-trail conditions as any AMW model at any price. The key to the Bent 100’s charms is its Horizon Tech tip and tail which are rockered on both axes.  By crowning its extremities, the littler Chetler feels like it can drift in any direction on a whim without losing control of trajectory.  When in its element, it’s the epitome of ease, rolling over terrain like a spatula over icing. The Bent 100 is all about freedom of expression rather than the tyranny of technical turns. So what if its liberty-loving tip doesn’t want to show up early in the turn? That’s not its shtick. It has talents Technical skis never imagined, like throwing it in reverse off a precipice.  It’s light, it’s easy to pivot and it’s wide enough to float in two feet of fresh.  If you evaluate the Bent 100 for what it does rather than what it isn’t meant to do, it’s an all-star in a league of its own. “These are the top of the heap when it comes to blending playfulness with precision,” observes Boot Doctors’ Bob Gleason, who has been assessing skis for almost as long as your esteemed Editor. “Easy to ski in variable conditions, it arcs and scrubs with dexterity.”  Although the Bent 100 is a directional ski, its unique design lends itself to omni-directional skiing.  This pegs its probable skier profile as a young male with aerial antics on his bucket list. But it would be underselling the Bent 100 to lump it with Pipe & Park twin-tips. Its preference for soft snow is hardly a character flaw in an All-Mountain West model.  Anyone looking for a great value in an all-terrain ski can’t do any better than a Bent 100.
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