2018 Black Crows Nocta

Ski Stats

Sidecut 140/122/132
Radius 26m @ 185cm
Lengths 178,185,191
Weight 2000g @ 185cm
MSRP $849.95
Power Score:
Finese Score:
Black Crows has fat figured out. Despite being 122mm across at its narrowest point, the Nocta feels light enough to toss around all day. It’s torsionally fairly soft, which helps a ski this wide be more manageable. If you want to do a short turn, you’ll have to swivel the Nocta rather than carve it, as it’s gradual, long-radius sidecut isn’t cut out for short-turn duty. To compensate, the Nocta responds with a little pop off the edge when its glass laminates are compressed.

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