2021 Rossignol Blackops Rallybird Ti

Ski Stats

Sidecut 137/102/127
Radius 16m @ 171cm
Lengths 163,171,178
Weight 1800g @ 171cm
MSRP $900
Tester: Juliette Willimann The first time I tried the prototype of the Blackops Rallybird Ti was in Chile in the summer of 2019. My first thoughts were, “Oh YEAH! This ski is just incredible. A perfect freeride ski!” After a few runs, I realized that the tail was a bit too stiff, it wouldn’t slide when I wanted it to and I need to always have a lot of energy to make the ski turn on harder snow or steep terrain. Although it made me nervous to say so, I explained during the debriefing what I was feeling. They agreed to make changes to the ski. In October I skied again with the team on the new version of the Rallybird Ti. Half way through my first run, I stopped and said to the test boss, A.J., “BRAVO, J’adore ce ski!!” The balance, ease of turn initiation and release is amazing. I can drive the skis where I want, charge through the turn or slide. The ski is not pushed around by bumps and crud and it’s playful. The titanium makes the ski strong enough for all situations, but because it is not a full sheet, it does not overpower my turn. I can ski steeps, powder, crust, jumps and groomed pistes all with the same control. I’m very proud to be part of the development of this ski. You’ll see me skiing on it every day!

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