2024 Volkl Blaze 106 W

Ski Stats

Sidecut 146/106/128
Radius 29m/14m/23m @ 165cm
Lengths 158,165,172,179
Weight 1592g @ 165cm
MSRP $699.99
Most Big Mountain models use a high-end construction, which is reflected in their retail pricing; the same could be said for most Völkl models, for the brand is known both for its high quality and the way its elite constructions attract a consumer crowd top-heavy with experts. The Blaze 106 W addresses both limitations, but the real reason it sold to the wall in its debut season is it fits the profile of a ski light enough for backcountry but stout enough to rock in-resort.  As the first pandemic-affected season unfolded, no one knew what resort skiing would look like except that it would be somehow rationed. Backcountry skiing, in comparison, seemed limitless, inspiring thousands of skiers who had thus far resisted its charms.  The Blaze 106 W provided the perfect fit: price, performance and cross-over capability. As for its performance attributes, listen to the testimony of Ingrid Backstrom, extraordinary athlete, film star and mom, describe her first experience with the Blaze 106 W. “On the icy groomers, I could hold an edge and go for bigger turns without chatter.  Of course, they were Völkls so I expected them to perform well, but I was blown away by the playfulness in this softer ski.  The Blaze 106 made fun skiing instantly accessible to me on the tricky snow after many months of not skiing."  
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