2020 K2 Catamaran

Ski Stats

Sidecut 136/120/131
Radius 21m @ 184cm
Lengths 177,184,191
Weight 2370g @ 184cm
MSRP $850
Power Score:

Finesse Score: 0

To the degree that there’s a generational rift splitting the Powder category in two - Boomers still holding onto the idea that technical skiing can translate to bottomless snow, while Millennials’ idea of powder technique is to get airborne as often as possible - the Catamaran lands squarely (switch, of course) on the side of the kinder. The Catamaran’s signature asymmetric sidecut presumably helps keep this natural drifter from getting in its own way, but the forebody is so rockered the imbalance between inside and outside effective edge length is disguised. The Catamaran’s tail is also rockered, but not to the point where it can’t support someone tossing a gainer into a couloir. This is, after all, an athlete-driven ski, with Sean Pettit and Pep Fujas lending their street cred to its popularity.   How well what they regard as de rigeur is adapted to your personal, inimitable style, I leave entirely up to you.

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