2022 Blizzard Cochise 106

Ski Stats

Sidecut 137.5/106/124.5
Radius 24m @ 185cm
Lengths 177,185,192
Weight 2150g @ 185cm
MSRP $960
Power Score: 8.38

Finesse Score: 7.98

The Cochise 106 knows how it should be skied, even if you don’t. It’s well aware that it won’t be able to carve a short turn at minimal speed, so it keeps close to the fall line until it can shift into third. Once it reaches cruising speed, it dons its dancing shoes and shows just how indifferent to heinous crud a ski can be. The Cochise 106 is one of the few Big Mountain models that doesn’t get the heebie-jeebies on hard pack. Its imperturbability where other skis literally tremble is due in part to its classic, wood and Titanal construction and in part to its Flipcore baseline. This latest incarnation of the Cochise represents a return to its roots as an all-terrain ski, as it was conceived to be. While the 21/22 version of the Cochise is a bit easier to bow, it’s still a fall-line-loving powerhouse. If it’s afraid of anything it sure doesn’t show it. Whether riding a high edge on groomers or banking off a wind berm, the Cochise provides an unwavering platform you can depend on. It’s the perfect match for the expert who won’t flinch in the fall line. Even though Cochise has changed over the years, it hasn’t contorted into something it’s not: it’s still the same Power ski it always was.

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