2024 Blizzard Cochise 106

Ski Stats

Sidecut 137.5/106/124.5
Radius 24m @ 185cm
Lengths 177,185,192
Weight 2320g @ 185cm
MSRP $849.95
Power Score: 8.38

Finesse Score: 7.98

The Cochise 106 knows how it should be skied, even if you don’t.  It’s well aware that it won’t be able to carve a short turn at minimal speed, so it keeps close to the fall line until it can shift into third. Once it reaches cruising speed, it dons its dancing shoes and shows just how indifferent to heinous crud a ski can be. The Cochise 106 is one of the few Big Mountain models that doesn’t get the heebie-jeebies on hard pack. Its imperturbability where other skis literally tremble is due in part to its classic, wood and Titanal construction and in part to its Flipcore baseline. The Cochise will always own a special place in Blizzard’s history as Arne Backstrom’s ski, for it was Backstrom who first conceived of Flipcore, the technology that would completely transform the Austrian brand, elevating it from obscurity to prominence in the American market.  The Cochise was the first embodiment of his vision, and as such enjoys holy relic status in the halls of Blizzard’s R&D department. The Cochise 106 represents a return to its traditional values by cutting back on some of the beefier elements in its previous incarnation without scrimping on the 2 ½ layers of Titanal that give the Cochise its indomitable determination to teach crud a lesson it won’t soon forget. The Cochise 106 whittled away at the tip and waist width and plumped up the tail, reducing the sidecut radius by 3m in a 185cm.  While this encourages the rejuvenated Cochise to finish its big, banked turns, quick, little arcs are still not part of its repertoire. To get the Cochise 106 to feel more like the original, Blizzard tinkered with several possible core changes.  Blizzard attempted to modify its new TrueBlend core for the Cochise, but its added width meant more mass, inhibiting the maneuverability the R&D team was trying to augment. So, the current Cochise core added Paulownia to its matrix, lightening the load and improving its responsiveness.
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