2020 Volkl Confession

Ski Stats

Sidecut 144/117/133
Radius 23.8m @ 186cm
Lengths 179,186,193
Weight 2260g @ 186cm
MSRP $875
Power Score: 0

Finesse Score:

When the Powder ski genre was just gaining traction, Völkl’s Snow Ranger stood head and shoulders above the field, largely because it was so powerfully built. Völkl has made many sorts of Powder skis since, including the legendary Katana – perhaps the studliest Powder ski ever - the infinitely rockered Shiro and the twin-tipped Bash. The Confession, the German brand’s current Powder specialist, is perhaps closest in spirit to the Snow Ranger. It’s lighter than the Katana, cambered so its more connected than a Shiro and most definitely directional. The Confession is so stable through its midsection that it can be railed on hardpack, but steering its 23.8m-radius sidecut and tilting its 117mm of waist width high enough to lock on a carved turn is no connection for old men. It’s so strong that with a little muscle it can be steered through anything, but it does require a firm hand at the controls and abiding faith in the power conferred on those who attack the fall line.

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