2020 Nordica Enforcer 100

Ski Stats

Sidecut 133/100/121
Radius 18.5m @ 185cm
Lengths 169,177,185,193
Weight 2200g @ 185cm
MSRP $800
What distinguishes the Nordica Enforcer 100 from the other benchmark models in the All-Mountain West category isn’t its poplar/beech/balsa core nor its two sheets of .4mm Titanal; it’s the length and flex of its traditional camber line that instill it with power, precision and pop off the edge. Most skis 100mm or more underfoot don’t have a lot of camber built into the baseline, so they’re easier to push around in soft snow. The Enforcer 100 isn’t drinking this Kool-Aid; it’s made for skiers who know how to stand on a ski and drive it. If you look at a pair base-to-base, you’ll notice that the while the tip and tail are amply rockered upward, they’re stubby in length, a shape Nordica aptly names Blunt Nose. The rest of the ski is arched considerably, assuring as long and secure an edge connection as you can find in a double-rockered baseline. In its longer lengths, the Enforcer 100 is a strong skier’s salvation, able to respond forcefully to pressure. Jim Schaffner of Start Haus, a big man who skis with a racer’s innate aggression, hails the Enforcer 100 as “really, really fun and these conditions, which consist of 16 inches of slightly compact powder which is starting to get chopped up. Found this ski to be really versatile, moving smoothly from the chopped-up stuff into fresh pow. All in all, a very good ski for conditions today and I can see its versatility would extend to other conditions, as well.”

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