2024 Nordica Enforcer 100

Ski Stats

Sidecut 132.5/100/120.5
Radius 17.3m@ 179cm
Lengths 165,172,179,186,191
Weight 2120g @ 179cm
MSRP $799.99
Power Score: 8.98

Finesse Score: 8.63

While there are no statistics I can point to substantiate my argument, I would contend that the Enforcer 100 is the most powerful model in the All-Mountain West pantheon. It earns this distinction due to an extra-high camber line that begins to load with stored energy from the moment you stand on it. Nordica alleges that the Enforcer 100 surrenders half of its baseline to rocker: 30% in the front and 20% of the rear running surface are pulled off the snow at one of the most aggressive angles in the genre. Yet despite this inherent loss of snow contact, the Enforcer 100 doesn’t ski “loose,” not at all. One reason the early vintage Enforcer 100’s were so stout is that, due to molding limitations, all sizes used the same baseline.  This was one of the major changes introduced just two years ago: each size of the current Enforcer 100 has a unique baseline, sidecut and core profile.  This modification is significant as each size will ski a little differently, so think twice before sizing up. Because the Enforcer 100 was the first member of the now extensive Enforcer family, until two years ago it was passed over for product improvements that in the meantime became staples for the rest of the series. The two most significant of these both aimed at weight reduction. True Tip extends the wood core deep into the shovel, reducing the amount of heavy ABS needed to stabilize this area. Adding carbon stringers to its top glass laminate reduced the amount of (heavy) fiberglass required by 35%.  Bear in mind, the Energy 2 Titanium Construction continues to use two end-to-end, wall-to-wall sheets of .4mm Titanal around an all-wood core, along with the glass and carbon, so it’s not like its lost any of its athleticism.  This is still a very powerful, very live ski.  The biggest change in on-snow comportment between the ancestral Enforcer and the current copy is in the forgiveness and ease of use departments. Not that the old boy has been gutted – far from it.  But the new kid seems to transition to its camber zone more smoothly and while it’s still lively off the edge, it’s easier to decamber in its longer lengths.  It’s unusually easy to feather the edge or switch from carving to drifting to match the terrain.
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