2024 Liberty evolv 100

Ski Stats

Sidecut 139/100/122
Radius 19m @ 179cm
Lengths 172,179,186
Weight 1930g @ 179cm
MSRP $799
Power Score: 8.15

Finesse Score: 7.93

Small-batch producers like Liberty have a tough row to hoe. Aside from zero name recognition, they have to either work with an established factory or try to start their own facility, both of which have their disadvantages. Their other two biggest problems are how to differentiate themselves from the pack and thereby generate a sense of mission when it’s highly unlikely they’ll have unique materials or processes, and how to make a consistent product when limited demand dictates they work in short production runs. Liberty broke from the pack with Vertical Metal Technology (VMT), just at the same time that industry powerhouses Rossignol and Blizzard introduced vertical struts in some of their top race-class models. Stunningly, the Liberty version with two aluminum struts seemed to deliver the glued-to-the-snow sensation this design is meant to deliver at a level at or above the big boys.  Very impressive. As is often the case with new technologies, Liberty has spent the last couple of years trying to find the best formula for VMT’s deployment, settling two seasons ago on a three-struct configuration in its all-mountain evolv series. The vertical strips of alu are encased in bamboo stringers within a bamboo and poplar core that’s reinforced with carbon and glass.  It’s a very rich and sophisticated construction that rises well above the norm among indie brands. As executed in the evolv 100, VMT accentuates its carving traits, tipping its on-tail/off-trail ratio towards rocking groomers over ripping up crud. In a category in which most models can’t wait to smear, the evolv 100 prefers to carve, slicing long arcs (19m@179cm) that don’t deviate far from the fall line. To tighten your turns, apply a higher edge angle. Over the past five seasons, our experiences with Liberty have illuminated a point we tend to brush over, namely the vital importance of base prep.  All brands, big and small, struggle with ex-factory finish.  To loosen up the evolv 100’s tight grip, consider using a grind like a thumbprint or chevron that will improve its willingness to drift and move laterally, a must in tight quarters off-trail.
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