2022 Liberty evolv 100

Ski Stats

Sidecut 139/100/122
Radius 19m @ 179cm
Lengths 172,179,186
Weight TK
MSRP $850
Power Score: 8.14

Finesse Score: 7.93

As is often the case with new technologies, Liberty has spent the last couple of years trying to find the best formula for its Vertical Metal Technology (VMT), settling this season on a three-struct configuration in its all-mountain evolv series. The vertical strips of alu are encased in bamboo stringers within a bamboo and poplar core that’s reinforced with carbon and glass. It’s a very rich and sophisticated construction that rises well above the norm among indie brands. As executed in the evolv 100, VMT accentuates its carving traits, tipping its on-/off-trail ratio towards rocking groomers over ripping up crud. In a category in which most models can’t wait to smear, the evolv 100 prefers to carve, slicing long arcs (19m@179cm) that don’t deviate far from the fall line. To tighten your turns, apply a higher edge angle. The evolv 100 skis best when the skier is pressing forward into the tip, as one would on a Technical ski, as opposed to the more centered stance favored by all-terrain skiers. Its insistence on carving and snow connection limits its enthusiasm for foot-swiveling and smearing, and it’s not light enough to throw sideways on a whim. Its unusual amalgam of traits gives the evolv 100 a unique dedication to snow connection among skis 100mm wide.

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