2023 Liberty evolv 84

Ski Stats

Sidecut 126/84/110
Radius 16m @ 172cm
Lengths 165,172,179
Weight 1725g @ 172cm
MSRP $874
Power Score: 8.55

Finesse Score: 8.36

If you assembled a personality profile of the Liberty evolv 84 based on appearances, you could be excused for thinking it’s some variety of all-mountain ski. Which I’m sure it’s intended to be, but it behaves more like a GS ski with a fall-line fixation. Its sunny cosmetics suggest a free spirit that will float over anything fluffy; in reality, the evolv 84 is one of the most connected carvers in the Frontside genre. The reason the evolv 84 is so well planted on planet Earth is its triple-ribbed core. A little background: Liberty grew up as a brand building bamboo and carbon skis that would bring both lightweight and stability to wide-body skis. Then designer and co-owner Dan Chalfant conceived of Vertical Metal Technology (VMT), aluminum ribs placed vertically in the core so they would resist deflection more than the putty-soft horizontal Titanal sheets that are the norm. As embodied in the evolv 84, VMT creates a ski with a fall-line disposition. Short turns tend to be shallow, keeping close to the shortest path downhill. If you want it to head cross-hill, get forward and drive the evolv 84 as you would a race ski. Its tail provides a platform you can trust, so while its turn finish isn’t explosive, it’s totally trustworthy. Because it’s not a system ski - there’s no plate or other interface between the skier and the snow - the evolv 84 has a clarity of snow feel that most carvers with its tenacity lack. John Beesley, head of the Mt. Rose Ski School,” praised the evolv 84 for its “great snow-ski feedback.”

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