Power: A+
Finesse: A+
19m @ 179cm
g @ 179cm

Liberty evolv100

Like any ski with metal in its make-up, the evolv100 isn’t light as a feather, but it’s so well balanced and responsive to steering input that even the most irregular snow requires less effort to navigate. Its ability to maintain its composure when under assault by adverse conditions allows the pilot to relax, a real energy saver on a pow day. By my thoroughly unscientific estimate, the average advanced skier can add up to three more runs per ski day just by switching to the evolv100. When Jim Schaffner likes a ski, you know it can hold up to a hard, sustained edge set delivered by a superb technician. After running it through a gamut of mid-winter snow varieties at Snow Basin (UT), Schaffner came away impressed. “This was a great all-rounder. It performed well in the mixed snow conditions.” For its even temperament and energy-saving equanimity in rough terrain, we award the Liberty evolv100 a Silver Skier Selection.

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