2022 Rossignol Experience 82 Basalt

Ski Stats

Sidecut 127/82/115
Radius 16m @ 176cm
Lengths 144,152,160,168,176,184
Weight 1750g @ 176cm
MSRP $800
Power Score: 7.89

Finesse Score: 8.36

The new Rossignol Experience 82 Basalt is the rare bird that can serve both initiates taking the next step along their journey and those who’ve already arrived at their destination. Skiers who have endured the indignities of rentals and/or tattered hand-me-downs will find salvation in the EXP 82 Basalt. In the lower speed range inhabited by the less talented, it’s mindlessly simple to steer. It’s a classic confidence-builder for someone climbing the ability ladder. Rossi envisions another natural mate for the EXP 82 Basalt: the competent, occasional skier for whom skiing is just part of the resort experience. All he asks of his gear is that he not have to hassle with it or worry about it. The EXP 82 Basalt is comfortable in any condition its owner is likely to care for, and supremely forgiving on the soft groomers that are his bliss. With a sidecut made for carving but a baseline inclined to drift, the EXP 82 Basalt tries to accentuate the positive and disarm the negatives. As a learning vehicle, it’s more into gentle encouragement than demanding strict adherence to carving principles. As a long-term companion, it will be reliable as long as you keep your ambitions in check. For someone who is skiing more for social reasons - say, to hang with the grand-kids - the EXP 82 Basalt is just what the ski doctor ordered.

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