2020 Rossignol Experience 84 AI W

Ski Stats

Sidecut 126/84/116
Radius 12m @ 160cm
Lengths 144,152,160,168
Weight 1450g @ 160cm
MSRP $700
When Rossi pushed the reset button on its cornerstone Experience series last season, it flipped from what was essentially a Frontside collection to a more off-trail orientation. The change is most noticeable in the tip, in part because Rossi’s Air Tip design catches the eye and because its pulled-back contact point and amply rockered forebody (30% of the total ski length) loosen up the tip. Because of the Experience 84 AI W’s soft and compliant forebody, it rolls into the top of a turn as long as the pilot keeps pressure on it. Like its ideal pilot, it prefers its snow soft and its speed held in check. Its tidy, 12m radius sidecut is a short-turn specialist. Skiers whose carving skills are still in utero will find that its relatively short contact area will allow them to swivel their turns with impunity.

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