Power: A-
Finesse: A-
16m @180cm
1900g @ 180cm

Rossignol Experience 88 Ti

The Experience 88 has been a fixture in the Rossignol line and an award-winning player in the All-Mountain East genre since it first materialized back in the days when I was a rank-and-file tester for SKI magazine. Up until last season there was no “Ti” in its name or in its guts. The E88 played perpetual second fiddle in a series headlined by the Experience 98 for the first few seasons and later by the Experience 100 and 100 HD. Last year Rossi leveled the playing field, introducing Line Control Technology in both the Experience 94 Ti and 88 Ti. A vertical strip of Titanal runs down the 88’s midline helping to absorb vibration and maintain snow contact. The E88 Ti also had its sidecut trimmed by a substantial 7mm’s at both ends, essentially converting it from a Frontside orientation to a more off-trail disposition. The straighter shape allows the ski to ride at a more consistent level in track-riven crud, without diluting its ability to hold an edge on hard snow. Even though the E88 Ti is the beneficiary of several generations of upgrades, it retains the ease of operation that made its ancestors the go-to ski for thousands of Finesse skiers looking for one ski to do it all. Its highest scores are for sustained edge grip and forgiveness, which fairly encapsulates its core competence. The E88 has always been good at making lower skill skiers feel comfortable, encouraging better technique without requiring it.

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