2023 Blizzard Firebird HRC

Ski Stats

Sidecut 126/76/107
Radius 15m @ 174cm
Lengths 158,166,174,182
Weight TK
MSRP $1380
Power Score: 8.43
Finese Score: 7.96
The Blizzard Firebird HRC isn’t really a race ski – its dimensions run afoul of FIS regulations - but don’t tell it that. Despite its 76mm waist, the HRC thinks it belongs right between the Firebird WRC and Firebird SRC, Blizzard’s non-FIS GS and SL models, respectively. Please don’t get defensive, but if you don’t care for the HRC’s comportment, you may not be good enough for it. It uses bi-directional carbon weave both horizontally underfoot, for power at the top of the turn, and in vertical struts that keep it plastered to the snow through turn exit. The combination makes a ski that Corty Lawrence describes as feeling like a “quintessential GS. It needs to be stood on, no complacency allowed, don’t get lazy. “When you stand on the edge at operating speed,” Corty continues, “the HRC is exceedingly rewarding. Super confident underfoot, it enters turns with enthusiasm (better be on the front of your boots!) and comes off the turn with ample energy. Turn shape can be modulated with authoritative subtlety, which isn’t the contradiction it sounds like. Shorter turns can be accomplished at speed, but at pedestrian velocities it must be muscled,” Corty concludes. Perry Schaffner detected the same behavior, noting “it’s nice and that you can do two different radius of turns: it’s easy to just let its shape take you on a wider turn, but it also has the option - if you put some extra power into it – to make pretty snappy short turns. Once you get going and up to speed, it gets on edge quite a bit more easily, making it more suitable for a stronger skier.”
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