2017 Kastle FX85 HP

Ski Stats

Sidecut 119/85/108
Radius 17m @ 173cm
Lengths 157,165,173,181
Weight 1820g @ 173m
MSRP $999
Power Score: 8.02

Finesse Score: 7.74

Kästle’s reputation for otherworldly edge grip was established by its MX models, fully cambered assault vehicles that tore groomed terrain to tatters. The FX series, here represented by the FX85 HP, despite using all but identical materials used in the MX mix, could not be more different. Where the MX89 tries hard to adhere to terrain, the FX85 HP works overtime to keep the connection loose. Its pivot-friendly attitude begins with the baseline, a double rockered affair dubbed Dual Rise by Kästle. On a 173cm, the forward contact point is pulled back 361mm and the tail begins to elevate 217mm before it’s done. (We know these numbers because Kästle helpfully prints them on the topskin.)

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