2022 Kastle FX86 Ti

Ski Stats

Sidecut 123/86/114
Radius 15.7m @177cm
Lengths 153,161,169,177,185
Weight 1725g @ 177cm
MSRP $1099
Power Score: 8.25

Finesse Score: 8.50

I ski the Kästle MX83 on a regular basis, so I can’t help judging the FX86 Ti by the standard set by its stablemate. It’s not a fair comparison, because the two skis are aiming at different targets. They don’t ski much alike because they’re made to ski differently. Let us count the ways. Starting from the tips, the MX83’s full camber line is made to connect as early as possible, while the tapered and well-rockered (280mm) tip of the FX86 Ti is meant to do just the opposite. Both use Hollowtech 3.0, Kästle’s signature damping device, but the FX86 Ti starts off as a looser construction, so it doesn’t feel as quiet as the MX83. Moving to the middle of the ski, both models use a wood core and Titanal in a combination Kästle calls Tri Ti, but the two constructions are subtly and importantly different. The MX83’s tail is square, flared and stiff; the rear of the FX86 Ti is rounded-off, softer and rises gradually off the snow for its last 210m’s. When all their differences are tallied, it’s clear why the FX96 Ti has no more chance of behaving like the MX83 than a giraffe has of bearing kittens. The orientation of the lighter and looser FX86 Ti is unabashedly off-trail, where its turns of choice are mid-radius. As long as one’s speed is also kept at a comfortable mid-range, the FX86 Ti remains cool, calm and collected.

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