2024 Kastle FX96 Ti

Ski Stats

Sidecut 133/96/119
Radius 18.1m @ 180cm
Lengths 164,172,180,188
Weight 1935g @ 180cm
MSRP $1099
Power Score: 8.44

Finesse Score: 8.43

Now that the FX96 Ti has returned to something closer to its original self, its performance ceiling has doubled. Sawyer Alford from Bobo’s fell so hard for the FX96 Ti that he beseeched Kästle for sponsorship. His notes on the FX96 Ti reveal the ardor of a young man in love. “This ski is the perfect directional 95-100mm underfoot ski. It’s damp yet stiff enough that any energy you put into the ski will be given right back, which makes it a more fun and harder charging ski than the Stöckli in this category. This ski undoubtedly is king of its class and is easier to ski than, say, a Mantra M6. I’m impressed and obsessed with this ski,” he breathlessly concludes. Sawyer is perhaps modestly overstating the case, but there’s little doubt that within the new FX family, the FX96 Ti is the star product. Not surprisingly, it’s quicker on and off the edge than the plumper FX106 Ti, but what is eyebrow-raising is it feels more tenacious on edge and responsive off it than its narrower sibling, the FX86 Ti. It still doesn’t ski like, say, the MX98, which feels more connected and imperturbable than the FX96 Ti, because its balance between on-piste and off-piste attributes has been tilted in favor of off-trail virtues. A peek at its test results confirms its off-piste predilections, as its score for Drift out-points its edging accuracy in every phase of the turn. A skier like Sawyer may tear directly downhill on the FX96 Ti to test its limits, but it doesn’t need to be driven in overdrive to be appreciated. It performs perfectly predictably at medium speeds when fed a steady diet of medium-radius turns. Because its lower camber line makes it easier to bow and its well-rockered baseline is simplicity to steer, we confer upon the FX96 Ti a Silver Skier Selection.
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