2020 Kastle FX96 W

Ski Stats

Sidecut 133/96/119
Radius 14m @ 164cm
Lengths 156,164,172
Weight 1700g @ 164cm
MSRP $849
For the 19/20 season, Kästle completely re-formulated its FX series of wide, off-trail models. To create its first-ever women’s model in the FX family, Kästle choose to work off the FX96 template, as the 96mm waist width optimizes the strengths of the new design for female skiers. One of the goals of the new FX series was weight reduction, so Kästle engineers concocted Tri-Tech, a trifecta of design features all aimed at keeping weight off. Tri-Tech is essentially a core-within-a-core; a central channel of high-density woods is wrapped in a glass torsion box and braced on either side with lighter wood laminates. The torsion box rides higher than the outer sections, creating a 3D top surface, which is the first weight-saver. Second is the concentration of hard woods in the center, so lighter woods can be used in the remaining 2/3 of the core. Third is using a thicker core profile in the central torsion box, which gives it more power without adding more materials.

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